Get Mighty STRONG, FIT & MORE FLEXIBLE in 2 Hours a Week 


Are you a daddy who struggle to stay in shape and helplessly letting your health & fitness slip away?

Look! I was struggling big time when I first became a dad. And things got even harder to juggle when I got a second child. With running a fitness business, working, raising young children and many sleepless night, it is not easy to train like I used. I was stretched. But I got a family to look after and I want to do it well. So I had to adjust my training regime big time to suit my new lifestyle. I can’t just let myself get weak and compromise my family. There is no excuse!

Sure times becomes premium and it gets hard to make time for exercise.

But that does not mean you need to give up and let your health and fitness slip away.

If you refused to give up, willing to prioritize and want to re-gain control of your life and health and be a role model to your family you can be mighty tough, fit and strong. And this is where Mighty Tough Daddy Challenge comes in.

How Can Mighty Tough Daddy Challenge Help You Gain Control of your health & fitness?

  • Train efficiently for strength and all-round fitness (You do not need to hit the gym 1 hour for 5 times a week. You will not waste time on stuff that don’t work.)
  • Develop effective & safe lifting techniques that actually makes you STRONGER & FITTER
  • Train at the comfort of your home and mostly at the times that work for you
  • Programs are customized just for your need and your level of fitness
  • Program designed by TC who is actually a dad and be coached by him
  • Actually Become Fitter & Stronger with minimum time away from family so everyone is happy!!!

How Does Mighty Tough Daddy Challenge Works?

  • You need to commit to it for 10 weeks
  • Be willing to prioritise and allocate at least 3 blocks of 30 to 40 min a week to train
  • Be accountable for completing your own personal highly customised program and reporting back on the progress
  • Be coached in-person once a week with a small group of daddies (if you are doing remotely, video coaching will be required)

Who Should Not APPLY?

If you have boatload of excuses and can’t see yourself investing in quality coaching/training for at least $60 per week, please do not apply.

However, if you are ready to cut the B.S. excuses and be a Mighty STRONG & TOUGH daddy, do apply for one of the 5 coaching SPOTS by clicking on the register button below. All application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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