KETTLEBELL SNATCH QUICK HAND TO HAND SWITCHHow To Do Kettlebell Snatch Hand-to-Hand Quick Switch Without Doing a Swing

Why even do a quick hand-to-hand switch in the kettlebell snatches? Why not set the kettlebell down? Or do a switch in a swing? The answer are (1) you cut back on time switching the bell from one hand to the other, (2) maintain the rhythm (or flow) in the snatches and (3) can be fun to do quick switch. For example, when you do 10 sets of kettlebells snatches of 5 left and 5 right on the minute, would you not save time and get more rest if you do the quick hand-to-hand switch? Yes you will and imagine the rest time you build up over 10 sets.

And here is a video of how I teach the quick hand-to-hand switch in the kettlebell snatch from the top down. It is definitely not for anyone who has no idea how to snatch or have not master finer techniques of the lift. If you have no idea how to snatch or not sure, it is best you get yourself a certified or qualified kettlebell instructor from a reputable organisation such as StrongFirst or RKC to teach you the lift. Or you can attend our Kettlebell Snatch Workshop if you are in Perth and you can certainly host our kettlebell workshops. Just contact us here. Watch this video if you can snatch well.

And here is a slow-mo video of the hand-to-hand quick switch from Get Results PT gym Instagram account.

Let me know if you have any questions or the video above help you in anyway on the comment section below. Again, it is best to learn both the kettlebell snatches and quick hand-to-hand switch from a certified or qualified coach. If you need help, do contact us here.

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