How To Do Kettlebell Swing Step-By-Step Video Guide

Kettlebell Swings, a popular exercise for fat loss and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), is a ballistic lift that requires explosive power from the glutes, hamstring and core muscles. It is common to see people doing them in Crossfit gyms and F45 gyms in Australia. Although the kettlebell swings look very simple but very oftentimes people lack the optimal swinging techniques to perform them safely and get the most out of this foundational kettlebell exercise widely known as the center of universe in kettlebell training. The truth is most people who hurt their low back could have easily avoided the injury by learning and practising the proper techniques of kettlebell swings. It is foundational because you really need to know how to swing before you learn to clean and snatch. But learning to optimally swing the kettlebell alone and become better skilled at performing it will help develop strength and power in the hips (useful for athletic performance), gives you stronger legs, cardiovascular fitness, improve core strength and posture. However, you can only get the benefits of the swing only if you know how to do them correctly. And here is a simple Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect Kettlebell Swing to help you get there. But nothing beats having hands-on instruction and experienced coaching such as attending our FREE Perfect Kettlebell Swing Workshop.

Step 1: Perfect the Hip Hinge

Maintain a straight spine and fold at the hips while keeping the shins more or less vertical. (Be sure to play all videos below to go along with the instructions)

Step 2: Deadlift the Kettlebell with Perfect Hip Hinge

Set up in a way that ankles are in line with the kettlebell. Practise doing virtual lift with perfect hip hinge before actually deadlifting with the perfect hip hinge.

Step 3: Perfect The Set Up for The 1st Swing

Get behind the kettlebell and have your hands on the handle while getting into a great hip hinge. The kettlebell should form an extension from your long and straight arms and the hips should be below your shoulders and be above the knees. The spine should be straight. No swings yet.

Setp 4: Hike Pass The Kettlebell and Perform the Pendulums

Get into the Perfect Kettlebell Swing (or Ready-to-Swing) setup and practise the Hike Pass. Then practise the pendulums. In both instances, learn to “catch” the arm (or weight) with the torso. Spine will be straight and maintain an open chest.

Step 5: Perform the Pendulum & Swing

Swing the kettlebells by standing up quickly after you had learnt how to “catch” the arm with your torso both in the kettlebell swing set up and pendulums.  Focus on “squeezing” the glutes and abs muscles as quickly as possible when you “stand up” for the swings. The arm are like ropes and do not lift the weight up. The hip delivers the power to drive the bell forward.

Step 6: Practise The Dead Start Swings 

Once you got some solid practice of Step 1 to Step 5, it is time to perfect those kettlebell swings one rep at a time. Basically, you will set up (see Step 3) for a swing and snap the hips through and hip hinge again so you can “catch” the weight in the torso. The arms will bounce off the torso and have the weight back more or less in the same spot.

Step 7: Set Up Your Ready-To-Swing Position & Swing!

It is time to swing the “baby” officially only after spending quality time on Step 1 to Step 6. For best results and your safety, it is important to master all the 6 steps above and not miss any of them. Then you will practise the two-handed kettlebell swings as seen in the video below:

Common Kettlebell Swings Questions: 

What Should I Swing With? 

Men should aim between 16kg to 24kg and women should aim for between 8kg to 16kg. However, it really depends on what you are comfortable with and how good you are at the swings. We have ladies at our gym that swings the 24kg kettlebell for sets of 10 with no sweat.

What kettlebell swing workouts will you recommend? 

I actually suggest become very proficient at doing the swings said for multiple sets of 10 swings with perfect form with minimal fatigue before considering doing a program/workout. If you struggle with that or in doubt, it is best to contact a qualified or certified kettlebell instructor who knows swing. Or attend our  FREE Perfect Kettlebell Swing Workshops. If you got good at swings and know how to do the Turkish Get-Ups, I recommend Kettlebell Simple & Sinister Program. It is amazingly simple way to get very fit and strong. You can also check out our FREE workout HERE.

Which brand of kettlebells do you use or recommend?

We highly recommend the RKC kettlebells from Dragon Door. Here is a Dragon Door RKC Kettlebell Review you might be interested in.

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