why lift weights
“How many times should I lift or train a week?”

This is a question I often get. My general recommendation is 3 times minimal per week. Why 3 times? Why not more? Why not less?

Generally, most people do not show up in the gym they signed up for on a year contract. They probably do not realised the act of signing up for a gym membership does not get them in shape. Or they think by signing up for a gym membership can get them to show up and train which usually is not the case because the investment of the gym membership was probably too little to make an impact for them to show up. Or they simply have no idea how to lift. So they cannot be bother to show up and lift.


In my opinion and observation over the last 10 years or more training people, lifting or training 3 times a week be it in a gym, home, park or anywhere you can think of is the minimal effective dose to a healthier and stronger body. Yes you can absolutely train anywhere you want. It does not need to be in a gym.  And given the fact you can train anywhere want and known scientific proof that lifting 3 times week have several important health benefits such as the following:

  1. Increases metabolism due to increase lean muscle mass
  2. Increased bone strength and reduce risk of osteoporosis (especially in ladies)
  3. Prevent injuries due to stronger connective tissues that enhances joint stability
  4. Prevent sarcopenia (loss of muscle fiber size) which will reduce quality of life
  5. Prevent fall especially in older adults by reducing the loss of fast-twitch muscle fiber that gives you the ability to act fast
  6. Improved self-esteem and confidence (great for mental health)


  1. Improved athletic performance
  2. Improved daily physical activities
  3.  Decreased body fat (makes you look better)

Most people still struggle to lift once a week despite all the amazing health-building and performance-enhancing benefits and they want to be healthier and stronger. WHY?

It is possible that they have no idea how to lift, too busy to make it for training or they just got into a habit of not showing up. And whatever the reason is  I am sure there is no straight answer for this. Finding that answer may not necessary help the situation anyway. It may just become a good “excuse” not to do anything about your health and body.

However, if you make your health and your body the number ONE priority and make time for 3 lifting sessions a week forever your life will get better. You will become stronger and healthier. And lose some body fat along the way and get in better shape if you eat sensibly. BTW, your health should be your most important asset.


Forget about the sexy body you are going to get. There is no END! Yes do not let your fitness goals be YOUR END. Training should still continue after that and the focus should be on the process and making that commitment to train 3 times a week FOREVER is going to make a huge difference to your life. Looking after your health and body is a lifetime commitment. It is not once off. Start taking ownership today and accept the fact you only got one precious body and no one is going look after it as well as you do.

Start with lifting 2 times a week and then scale it up to 3 times after a month or so. Sure you can do more but always make it a minimal of 3. What happens if you are sick? You do not train. But get back to 3 times a week when you are well. Do this for a year and make it a habit. Yes make lifting 3 times a week a habit. It is HABIT that makes you who you are and show who you are. Who knows you might get into a Habit of getting into great healthy shape? 

And if you decide that you are making a commitment to LIFT 3 TIMES a week, feel free to post it here in the comment section below. And come back later and tell me how you feel after 6 months or 12 months.

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