Why not get fit and strong with your friends or love ones with the kettlebell swing workout? Why kettlebell swings workout? Because it gives you strong core, strong legs and improve cardiovascular fitness all in one hit. And it will give you the kettlebell butt too!

This is certainly a highly efficient kettlebell swing workout for the busy people or people who just want a high yield workout that does not require too much of other stuff. All you need is 3 kettlebell sizes (LIGHT, MEDIUM, HEAVY) and maybe 1 to 2 friends (also known as victims). Seriously, if you can get the job done with one hit (or one tool) why would you make things complicated by having more things.

kettlebell swing workout

In order to get the most out of this kettlebell swing workout, it is absolutely necessary that you know how to swing the kettlebells. If not, I highly recommend getting some coaching from a certified kettlebell instructor from either StrongFirst or RKC. For reference on how to swing the kettlebells, click HERE.


The HEAVY kettlebell should be a weight that you can swing for 10 reps with good form but still can swing a couple more reps out of it. The MEDIUM kettlebell will be 4 kg lighter and LIGHT kettlebell will be 4kg lighter than the MEDIUM one. For example, your HEAVY kettlebell is 24kg, then the MEDIUM kettlebell will be 20kg and the LIGHT kettlebell will be 16kg.


Have the HEAVY, MEDIUM and LIGHT size kettlebells line them up side by side with enough space between you and your friends to swing at the same time.

Make sure you are well warm up and I recommend performing 5 to 10 min of OS Reset Flow before you start. Once you are warm up, you will perform the following with the safest and best possible form from set #1 to set#3 with minimal rest.  And that is one round. If you got a friend with you, he or she will do the same thing as you after you completed set#1. If you got another friend, he or she will do the same the thing as you after the previous friend had completed set#1.

Set #1: Perform 5 reps two-handed swing on LIGHT kettlebell

Set #2: Perform 5 reps two-handed swing on MEDIUM kettlebell

Set #3: Perform 5 reps two-handed swing on HEAVY kettlebell

Perform the above for 5 to 10 rounds depending on your fitness level. When do you start your next round? Start your next round after friend #3 finish the set#3. If you are doing this by yourself, take 1 min break.


Please note that the video demo above shown is one-arm swing not two-handed swings. Got a question? Post it in the comment section below. Need more highly efficient workout such as this? CLICK Workout of the Week.

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