(This is blog post by Bernard Koong who is a training member of Get Results PT gym)

Having a busy work schedule I wanted a training programme that could efficiently help me achieve a functional level of fitness, flexibility and strength. My goal was to achieve a level of physical condition that allows me to continue enjoying my life going forward, without spending long periods training. I had tried a large variety of fitness regimes over the years. Several improved my overall fitness to varying degrees but none helped me achieve a balanced level of fitness, flexibility and strength. Many involved too much time commitment while others caused injuries.

I found TC while browsing online for a personal trainer in Perth who matched my criteria. Never having heard about his style of training nor kettlebells at that time, I thought it was worth a try. I have now been training with TC at Get Results PT for approximately five years and have never looked back.

What training at Get Results PT has done for me

Training with TC has given me a level of fitness, flexibility and strength that I have never achieved in my life, well beyond my peak fitness as a young competitive swimmer. I now enjoy a level of fitness that allows me to function well in daily life.

I would never have dreamt that I would be sufficiently fit to be competitive in an internationally organised strength and fitness event. I just went along with TC’s programme over the years for my own needs and signing up for such a competition was never a part of my goal. Encouraged by TC, I looked into this challenge and surprisingly realised that I was able to participate competitively. The Tactical Strength Challenge was fun and I was happy with my results. However, the great thing is that I got there without planning to! Being time poor, achieving this with such minimal time investment is the real winner. This obviously reflects the quality of TC’s training.

Get Results PT features that work for me

• The efficient 30 minute sessions work very well. I was initially doubtful if this would be sufficient but now understand that it is the opposite which is true. Over training can be detrimental in many ways and not necessarily help achieve the desired results.
• I refer to TC’s style as intelligent training. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. With all the appropriate credentials such as StrongFirst and Original Strength and a UWA degree in human movement, together with an enormous depth and breath of experience, he constantly and thoroughly evaluates my specific level of fitness, strength and flexibility, developing plans suited to my changing needs.
• TC’s flexibility extends to how I feel on any particular day. Being able to intelligently and quickly change the focus of a session depending on how I feel has been critical to maximising the returns with minimal risk of injury.
• His true understanding of technique and ability to identify the most subtle of suboptimal moves has allowed me to improve while minimising any risk of injury.
• He does not believe in pushing till I am totally spent by the end of the session. It has taken me a while to understand that one does not have to be pushed to breaking point to improve. Doing this merely increases the risk of injury.
• TC’s familiarity with the scientific literature and attendance at internationally respected education programmes facilitates the evolution of his training. This has kept the sessions interesting over the years and gives me the confidence that the training I receive is cutting edge internationally, and not just another fad.
• I don’t have to think nor worry about my training. I just turn up and trust TC. The rest just happens.

Why I decided to write this testimonial for TC at Get Results PT

TC has helped me achieve a level of functional strength and fitness beyond my expectations. I hope that this testimonial will assist in giving him the opportunity to help many others and I believe that he very much deserves the support of the community.

Why you might like to train with TC at Get Results PT
• You would like to be fitter, more flexible and stronger.
• You are time poor.
• You want personalised flexible intelligent training with minimal risk of injury.
• You like to train in an environment with others who are focussed on improving their level of fitness.

Why you should not train with TC at Get Results PT
• You want a quick fix.
• You enjoy spending many hours at a gym.
• You like to work out till you feel broken at the end of every training session.
• You like waiting in long lines to use a machines at gyms.

About Bernard
• Those of you who know Bernard will know how busy this guy is. He is an oral and maxillofacial radiologist and co-founder of Envision Medical Imaging here in Perth, Western Australia. He is also a Clinical Professor at The University of Western Australia and has authored a radiology book published by Wiley-Blackwell. Bernard is also away quite bit, presenting across Australia and internationally. You can see that he is truly busy but it his consistency with training that makes the difference.
• He is 56 years old.

Bernard’s fitness achievements training with Get Results PT:
• He ranked 5th in the worldwide TSC challenge Masters category (Fall 2017).
• His personal bests:
o DL 160kg.: 2.3 times body weight
o 19 strict form pull ups in a row without letting go
o Max weighted pull up: 40kg attached to waist totalling 1.6 times body weight
o Snatches: 93 20kg kettle bell snatches in 5 minutes

To contact TC for training via group classes, online coaching or one-on-one customised training, please click here.