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Why Would You Want To Do the 100 Kettlebell Swings Everyday Challenge?

This 100 Kettlebell Swings Everyday Challenge idea came about from reading a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear which I recommend that you give it a read. In this book, it explains the difference between the people who achieves their goals and people who don’t despite having similar goals. In short, the difference is the system or the habits set in place. Without habits, the likelihood of you achieving your goals is low or even if you achieve your goals it may not be sustainable and you are unlikely to become better constantly.

And this got me thinking why people are constantly chasing the next new diet or the next new exercise craze or always struggle to get into the shape they want even though they know what their goals are. Clearly, what I see is they have no habit and no system set in place to get there permanently to the place they want to be in. After reading this book, I came up with the image below on my gym white board with the concept I got from the book Atomic Habits.

100 kettlebell swings everyday challenge

Here’s why you want to do this habit-creating 100 Kettlebell Swings Everyday Challenge.

Build a Sustainable & Healthy Habit

If you are tired of chasing down the next new workout or diet craze, this is for you. It is easy to get suck in to all the media talks or peer pressure that you got to try this next new revolutionary, scientifically proven workout or next new shiny object only to be in shape or slightly in shape for less than 6 months and be back to square one. But as I had said before habits make you who you are. If the habit is not in place, even the best method will not permanently get you to where you want to be. But I must admit I never fully understood why it is hard to form a new habit. In the Atomic Habits book, it says habits can be both consciously or unconsciously formed. Sheer determination and discipline can only get you so far. To form a new habit that works for you, you have to minimise the friction against it and make it easier to happen and rewarding. And in this 100 Kettlebell Swing Everyday Challenge, the idea is to make it easy to stick to the task by implementing a few strategies that I discussed in the closed Facebook group. One of them was to pick a time to swing the kettlebell that you are unlikely to be distracted. The challenge is definitely much more so about habit creation rather than the 100 swings. What’s the point for doing it for a month only to stop a year and start again? As we know, swinging one day or two is not going to change anything. But doing it day and day out will have a compounding effect. Once you get enough habits in place you will be set without worrying about the end results. Because the results will come.

Why 100 Kettlebell Swings?

Why not push ups or burpees or anything else? Kettlebell swings is picked over other lifts because of its high benefits-to-risk ratio, its versatility and logistic advantage. Kettlebell swings is an amazing one-in-all exercise that provides cardiovascular, muscular and endurance conditioning. It develops explosive power in the hips, strengthen the legs and make your lower back stronger and healthy. It’s kind of like a posture fix as well for people who sits down a lot for work because it “wakes up” the core and hips muscles that get into “sleep” mode from prolong sitting. You will certainly become aware of your posture after doing your swings. Plus, you can do the 100 swings anywhere (no commuting to gyms), anytime, in less than 20 min (usually), and even in your PJ. These advantages mentioned are certainly FRICTION MINIMISERs.

In short, the swings can improve your posture, cardiovascular fitness, build strong legs, powerful hips and gives you bums of steel which all combined helps you become stronger, fitter and improve your athletic performance ranging from running to martial arts to powerlifting (if you are doing anything at all physical). If you are not doing anything now, kettlebell swings will be a great start to many great healthy things. And 100 swings are very doable on a daily basis. Even if you are not fit enough to do the 100 swings daily yet, you can always start with 20, 30 40, or even 50 in the 1st week and build your way up to 100 swings. Just in case you are thinking how exactly is the kettlebell swings are done, please refer to this How to Do Kettlebell Swings Video Guide. Below is a 100 Kettlebell Swings Everyday Challenge Guide that I had it on the facebook group.

100 Kettlebell Swings Challenge Starter Guide

FREE Accountability, Support & Coaching

The best part is you get free accountability, support and coaching from me. The truth is it can be hard to do it alone and so much easier to achieve success when you know you got a group of like-mind and nice people that could be from anywhere you get motivation and support from. When you see what is normal like swinging 100 reps a day will soon be normal for you when you know you can do it too. To join the 100 Kettlebell Swings Everyday Challenge, go to this link.

And here is one of my latest coaching tip I shared in that group.
kettlebell swing set up

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Coach TC
Coach TC

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