workout of the weekIf you have 15 minutes to spare and want to get a training session that “reset” you, get you to “brace” your abdominal muscles and at the same time work your legs and buttock muscles, then do our workout of the week here. Make sure you warm up properly before you start. It will send your heart rate racing to the roof. You can thank me later or “HATE”me later.

The workout of the week is to crawl, brace your abdominals and do goblet squats with strict form. No kettlebell? No problem! Just do bodyweight squats.

Why crawl? Crawling helps you strengthen your core muscles and actually can help improve hip mobility. To learn more benefits of crawling, read this post here.

Why “brace” your abdominal muscles? It teaches you the skill of staying “TIGHT” or develop abdominal tension. Watch video how I tuck my “tail bone” in. Definitely important skill to learn because it will help you to protect your spine.

Why Goblet Squats? Obviously, the exercise give you strong legs and it is one of the best way to improve squatting pattern.

Watch the Workout of the Week Video and See How It Is Done

Here is how it works…

Do as many rounds as possible of the following for 15 minutes (with perfect form):

Crawl out 5 times Globlet Squats 3 Reps

Crawl out 5 times Globlet Squats 5 Reps

Crawl out 5 times Globlet Squats 7 Reps


STOP when you lose your form (THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Ladies use between 8kg to 16kg

Men use between 16kg to 24kg

CREDIT: This workout of the week is from Hector Gutierrez Jr at

Let us know if you have a question in the comment section below. And enjoy the workout!

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